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OK, so we've made it to Thanksgiving. You've got family coming in from the less fortunate states, where repairing the windmill is the highlight of the week, and well...you want to show them a good time that doesn't involve surrounding yourself with wannabees of the retired cast of "Jersey Shore". Bring 'em to Hoboken on Wednesday night and party the right way with The Nerds at WILLIE MCBRIDES. You're going to need some fun stories to tell at the table on Thanksgiving, instead of talking about the cute little monkey video you caught on Facebook. Friday night we head up to Andover Twp for a great night at BELLA ITALIA. Now since many of you had terrible dry turkey and some sort of potato, you might want to get there early and partake in some great Italian food. Anthony Bourdain might pop in and sing with us. Saturday night, we stagger into THE SANDS CASINO IN BETHLEHEM for what is easily the best lounge in PA. It's a party you shouldn't miss, and quite frankly you shouldn't miss any party that involves us, The Nerds. If the holidays make you sad, you're not spending them with us. Don't be stupid, come out and hang with us.

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