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Insanity prevailed last week and we sprint ahead through the busiest summer ever. Wednesday evening we're in Bayonne NJ for Bayonne Day. If you're from or in Bayonne, you know what I'm talking about. Wednesday night we hustle down the Parkway back down to LBI for the never ending party that is JOE POPS IN SHIPBOTTOM. Thursday night after the Point Pleasant fireworks, we hit the stage at JENKS on the beach. Friday night we rub elbows with the gang at the PUTNAM COUNTRY CLUB. Mongo's been shooting in the high 80's, so membership's right around the corner (or is it that Mongo was high in the 80's and was caught shooting members....something, I don't know...) Saturday night, free concert in Fort Lee as the FORT LEE FILM COMMISSION CONCERT SERIES HOSTS THE NERDS. Come one, come all...then Sunday we wrap us the week with a show at MAGGIE SPILLANE'S IN MOUNT VERNON NY. Maybe Brazil will have taken it by then, but what the hell do I know about it.

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