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So as the dog days take hold, we keep rockin' til we drop. Wednesday evening we're in Bayonne for a free concert at 16th St Park at 7pm as part of their Summer Sounds by the Bay series. Then we head down to JOE POPS in LBI for another amazing night that has turned into a monster. Thursday night we're at JENKS in Point Pleasant, as we've been for over 25 years. I love it! Friday night we head down to A.C. (or up to A.C. depending on where you're coming from, or hell, even over to A.C. for you Philly people) For a night at the EDEN LOUNGE AT HARRAH'S. Saturday wraps up the week with another great 'Best Wedding Ever'. It's a party, not a predictable, boring affair with Uncle George looking at his watch before the cake has even been cut. With The Nerds at your wedding, you gotta kick these people out at the end of the night...you have other things to do.

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