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OK, so now that summer has returned for an encore, we have some great shows for allz y'allz this week. Wednesday night come to Freehold center for a free show 'out on the street' in front of the hall of records. We hit at 7pm and go til 9. It's going to be like 70 degrees so wear a bikini. Thursday night we finally return to the TAPHOUSE GRILL in Hackettstown NJ after a yearlong wait. Great place, cool hang. Friday night we're at CROSSROADS in Garwood NJ for a big party there. Saturday's double header has us at the HOLY TRINITY SCHOOL FUNDRAISER in Mountainside NJ from 1pm til 4 and then we head off to another Best Wedding Ever to round off the night. As if that weren't enough, it's wedding bells on Sunday to as we head upstate for a great reception party. On another note we had a great experience last week in East Rutherford when we were joined onstage by a young man named Justin Wojna, who sat in on drums for "Sweet Child O Mine" Justin is a part of the Rock Out Loud family and did a flawless job on that song. Rarely does a young player do such a pro job on that song, but he nailed it, and his parents were stoked, as were the rest of us. Amazing stuff!

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