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Another Nerds' Anniversary week of great gigs behind us, the Mall, Jessica and Mary's party, Atlantic City, all amazing shows! This weekend takes us to New England, but first, some business here at home. Wednesday night continues our Olympic blue medal award winning, barn-burning series on Long Beach Island at JOE POPS IN SHIPBOTTOM. Thursday night we're back in Point Pleasant at JENKS for a great night after the fireworks on the beach...then...we head up to Cape Cod for a wedding on Friday night, cuz nobody does that better than us...Saturday night we're at the TWIN RIVER CASINO in Lincoln Rhode Island, and Sunday we head up to Boston for a CORPORATE EVENT. Then it's back to Jersey for the Summer of 2014's wrap up week. It's been the best summer in a long time and our busiest ever. Thanks to our fans for all the HAPPY ANNIVERSARY's it's been a great 29 years of Nerd-dom.

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