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Ah December. A month filled with almost exclusively private events, corporate parties, holiday festivals, and a birthday party or two. The smart companies that want to have a real party, call The Nerds, the boring companies call Doreen in HR cuz she's got a great playlist on her phone. So here's how this week plays out. Thursday, corporate event in NYC. Friday, company party for our friend Carlos Oliver. We've played 2 of his kids' weddings already, and he wants more. Gotta love the guy. Saturday, corporate party in Brooklyn. Tuesday, corporate mortgage convention party in A.C. See what I mean? Looking ahead to next week after a full week of company parties, Saturday the 10th we're back at the MIDLAND BREW HOUSE, then Sunday the 11th we hang out at Jacob Javits in the City for the International Motorcycle Show. Better than looking at a tree again. Call Stars Productions today and book us for your party while you still can, or else there's always Doreen in HR...

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