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So this week, we have a surprise. But first, one that's no surprise will be another kick-ass Thursday night at the RANCHERO CANTINA in Emerson, NJ. Personally, I can't wait to get there and order up them Fiesta Fries. Amazing food for the soul...then...the surprise...finally after a 17 year hiatus, the Nerds return to BRANCHBURG NJ'S own WILLIE MCBRIDES. Celebrating Irish Cinco de Mayo the only way an Irish pub can....with a 4 day head start! Then Saturday night we're doing a private party, so you can't go unless it's your house, or you know those people. Looking ahead to the actual Cinco De Mayo when we kick off every Tuesday night at PAUL'S TAVERN IN Belmar. We go on there at 7pm, so tell your friends, get out of work and go to Paul's Tavern in Belmar with the Nerds Super Tuesday Nights. Oye Pancho...goo naigh!

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