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8 gigs in 5 days...no, I'm not talking about how much data Stretch consumes on his smartphone plan, I'm talking about live shows. So, pay attention...WEDNESDAY 6PM SANDY HOOK BEACH CONCERT SERIES welcomes back The Nerds. Come out for some fun in the sun at Sandy Hook. Last time we were there (check Facebook header photo) we had about 10,000 people there. This time even more since everybody from Hoboken's St. Ann's Fest promised they'd show up. We continue...Wednesday night, the only place to be on LBI...Joe Pops in Shipbottom. Come out and see what the fuss is all about (it's about The Nerds...) THURSDAY 7PM AVALON, NJ DAY CONCERT AT VETERANS PLAZA. Finally a little South Jersey action. Then we hustle up to Jenks in Point Pleasant for a 10:30 hit, but you already know that, right? Friday night it the TRENTON COUNTRY CLUB. Saturday NOON THE NERDS AT THE HAMBLETONIAN-MEADOWLANDS RACEWAY, bring money, win valuable money. Saturday night, another hip couple tie the knot and have us play their wedding, because they want everybody to remember it past the point where they tip the parking valet....just sayin'....THEN SUNDAY....MUSIKFEST IN BETHLEHEM PA. To us NJ-NY people who've never heard of this event...they shut down most of downtown Bethlehem and set up a dozen or so concert stages, with live music going for 10 days, food, attractions and beer beer beer. It's a party we played last year and easily the best show of 2013. Well we're back there in 2014 and you shouldn't miss it! 8 gigs in 5 days....gotta find a cheaper plan.

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