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What a week we just had. Great times and some sad times. I've enjoyed watching many of the great videos posted of great performances by Prince. This guy was simply the embodiment of all that it means to be a great musician, performer, songwriter and he did it all uniting fans from all genres. We've all been brought together under the joy of this man's craft. Not divided, but united. President or Prince? I'll take a Prince. Now then, this week's shows. Thursday night we're finally back at BAKER'S WATER STREET GRILL in Toms River. Let's get some of our shore friends out for an early night (9pm) of fun. Friday, hold on to your cabbie caps HOBOKEN, 'cuz we're back at WILLIE MCBRIDES. We busted the walls out of the place the last time, so I'm looking forward to another great hometown night at Willies. Saturday night we play the best wedding ever for another exceptional couple, who understands what a reception SHOULD be...yes we're real proud of that...so we'll see you on the dance floor. Thanks again to the thousands of you who hung out at Red Bank last Sunday. See you around!

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