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Last week's show at Daryl's House Club was an awesome experience. Besides being a club/restaurant featuring live music, it is also a fully equipped recording/video studio. Early next year we will be putting up that recording and video on the website for your enjoyment. Also, it was unique in that they treated the band more like appreciated partners and less like scumbags (I won't mention any names). That was nice! Anyway let's talk about the future, like this upcoming week. Thanksgiving Eve The Nerds will be rockin' it at CROSSROADS in Garwood NJ. We've never played there before so a big night like Thanksgiving Eve should make for a great debut. We're off on Thanksgiving (we're family guys, after all) but Friday night we bring our systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic lightning bolt of a show up to ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS CAFE in Newburgh NY. Always a great night there with great people. Then Saturday night...what can I say...a fantastic New York City wedding for a fantastic New York City couple. Perfect ending for the week. Come out and see The Nerds

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