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HERE WE GO, HERE WE GO. We're back from our pre-game vacation and ready to rockkkkk. Wednesday, we kick off a summer full of Wednesdays at JOE POPS in Shipbottom LBI. Thursday it's a double header. First we're in DOWNTOWN FREEHOLD for a 7:30 show right there out on the street, in front of the Hall of Records on Main St. Then we head down to JENKS in POINT PLEASANT, where we take residence every Thursday night all summer long! Friday night...Look out! new place...CLUB GETAWAY in KENT, CT. As I've heard it, it's a great place that combines resort and campground. Kiki says it rocks, so, it rocks. Saturday, first we have a private party, then we hit JENKS for a huge 4th of July bash. The whole world will be there, man...Then Sunday night, we're at THE BAY CLUB, in WILDWOOD. Let's get out South Jersey people out on Sunday. Summer's here, baby!

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