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Did you have fun in the sun? We did. Let's wrap the summer up with a bang, before we get back to the serious work of continuing to play throughout the other 3 seasons. This Wednesday, Joe Pops will be out of control as we take it around the block one more time. Thursday, Jenks in Point Pleasant is the place to be for a great night of fireworks and The Nerds. Friday we head up north for a big soiree at the Mountain Lakes Country Club, not to be missed, then for weekend we head back to the shore and do it all over at Jenks on Saturday night and Joe Pops on Sunday. That wraps up our shore area shows until next summer. Monday while you're cleaning up barbecue mess, we'll be at the Fairmount Country Club in Chatham. That there is the wrap on the summer of 2015, made a lot of new friends, played a lot of hot shows....really hot....Africa hot...

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