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OK, so I was wrong about no more snow...This week is a diner menu of gigs. Thursday evening we start with the yankee bean soup (a private party in the City) after which we head over to the complimentary salad bar when we play at the NYACK POUR HOUSE in Nyack NY. It's our first time there so please show up so we don't look stupid. Next from the entree section, Friday night we'll have the lasagna at the PUTNAM NATIONAL GOLF COURSE FUNDRAISER. This is open to the public and it will be raising funds for the Yorktown High School Huskers, so come on out and bring the spirit, and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Finally Saturday night I'm torn between the baklava and the Jell-o...I'll take them both when we appear at the HUN SCHOOL FUNDRAISER in Princeton. Looking ahead to next week's menu, we're back in Brooklyn (Wicked Monk), Hoboken (Willies) and even Annapolis. A little bit of everything......check please, and I'll wrap this up to go....



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