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Ah, the holiday season has arrived a little too early, like a Thanksgiving guest that gets to your house at noon, when you clearly told everyone 3pm. Thanks, I'm still in my PJ's...So what do you do? Get your friends together for a night of partying with The Nerds, drinking, dancing, and languishing in shame the next morning. Life is short and so is this week's list of shows you can attend. THURSDAY NIGHT we're back in Bergen County at THE RANCHERO CANTINA in Emerson NJ. Friday night we have a private party in NYC, so save all the love for SATURDAY when we return to RAMBLERS REST IN BEEKMAN NY. We packed the place last time and made lots of new friends! Looking ahead to Thanksgiving Eve, I come home to Hoboken for a party night at WILLIE MCBRIDES. Plan ahead, and bring a dish, just no salad....nobody eats the friggin' salad...

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