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snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow....Friday night, we're playing another lucky couple's wedding. They, like so many others, know that the way to throw an awesome wedding, is to have The Nerds rock it when it needs to be rocked, dance it when it needs to be danced, and let the DJ handle the sleepy stuff (and some of the party stuff, as well) rather than have some hack wedding band drone on for 5 hours of non-stop Lionel Richie hits, and never break a sweat. SATURDAY NIGHT we return to the RED TAIL LODGE at MOUNTAIN CREEK in VERNON because the one thing we have this winter is snow snow snow snow. So ski all day and chill with the Nerds cuz chill is the only thing left to do anymore...my God, get me another blanket. Sunday we throw on our lab coats and host a corporate event in the City (that's New York City for you out of tri-state area-ers.) That's it. Stay warm...good luck...we're all counting on you...

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