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Thanks to the 4000 people who caught our shows at Bally's Jenks and JoePops last week. That's how you kick off a summer! Now this week we hit THE HUDSON WATER CLUB on Thursday. That's in West Haverstraw and it's a great place on the water to hang and party with The Nerds. Friday night we bring our special brand of cardio to the HEALTHQUEST GYM in Flemington NJ. Come one come all, we'll get your heart rate soaring. Saturday at noon, head over to Cookman Ave in Asbury Park (famous place) for the JERSEY BORN MUSIC FESTIVAL. It's an all day celebration of some great Jersey bands and we go on around noon. Check the details on our website www.the-nerds.com. Saturday night we bring our A-game to the wedding of another amazing and smart couple who knows how to throw a great wedding, because The Nerds are better than special napkins. Nobody remembers the napkins, just the food and the music...just sayin'. So there you go. Summer's here and the time is right! (Now name 2 songs that employ that last sentence)

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